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Huawei Releases New MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020

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February 10, Beijing time, Huawei launched a new model of its MateBook 13 line, Cherry Pink 2020. Just like a lady young and beautiful, this laptop is bound to juice up the boring workplace. Compared with black, gray and silver, these traditional colors for a business notebook, cherry pink offers MateBook 13 a totally different business style – we can be both tough and gentle, serious and fashionable.

matebook 13

This laptop has a slim, lightweight body, which is colored cherry pink to deliver a sweet, elegant style unique to a lady. It features both 2K full touchscreen and multi-screen sync that will bring you a fresh experience with efficient mobile office. This device has been upgraded in performance with a new 10th Gen Intel Core processor, dual-channel 16 GB RAM, and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce MX250.

Cherry pink color, entry lux quality, highly competitive with 2K full touchscreen

The Huawei MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020 gives an impression of quiet, soft and pure. It has an innovative texture that borders on entry lux, with its aviation-grade aluminum alloy body processed by precise ceramic sandblasting on the surface. This laptop looks agile in sunshine, while in darker light at night, it appears calm and powerful.

With a lightweight body, this device is about 14.9 mm thin, and weighs only about 1.3 kg. Its size is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, yet its quality is not any less. The design adopts an approach of metallic minimalism, so you can’t see any unnecessary element on the body. Its angles are chamfered using the technology of CNC diamond cutting for aviation-grade aluminum alloys. The use of precise milling cutter enables the device to showcase a new perfect beauty of metal with polished angles. It is also fashionable enough – easily picked up with one hand and put into a girl’s daily backpack.

The Huawei MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020 is the only product available with a 2K full touchscreen in the equal-price category of Thin & Light notebooks. With merely 4.4 mm of bezels, it gets a screen-to-body ratio as high as 88%, so you can easily focus on what the screen displays. Besides, it has 2160 × 1440 pixels, a color gamut covering 100% sRGB, display contrast of 1000:1, typical brightness of 300 nits and high PPI of 200. Compared with mainstream products with 1080p resolution, it displays more vivid details whether it is a text, picture, video, or game.

matebook 13

With its high-precision multi-touch screen, this laptop introduces a new operation mode when you use a notebook. Huawei also endows this product with an original feature – taking screen shots by swiping down with three-fingers, which means that by using a screen-touching gesture, you can quickly transform words in an image that the device identifies automatically into a text. Isn’t it sweet? Whether it’s in your workplace or for audiovisual use, it can always bring you a more pleasant experience than before, which is also what the smart touch-interaction logic is aiming for.

The Huawei MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020 has Huawei’s classic 3:2 screen aspect ratio, making its field of view 8% wider than that of the traditional 16:9 screen, the maximum ratio a screen can display. In common office software such as Office, office materials can be displayed to the maximum thanks to this large ratio, so that it will be easier for you to edit, modify, and share your documents. Apart from reading your documents, you can also become much more productive as you browse web pages, write programs, and edit photos shot with a DSLR camera.

Touch + multi-screen sync, leading the industry in smooth and efficient mobile office

 This new model of MateBook 13 features Huawei’s “multi-screen sync”. It is a function that uses Huawei’s distributed technology to remove the barriers between Windows and Android at the bottom level of system and achieve seamless synchronization between MateBooks and mobile phones. It can project a mobile phone’s screen onto that of a computer, so you can operate on two devices via the same computer interface. It provides a perfect solution to the trouble of transferring too many files between two screens. With seamless “multi-screen” operation, you can enjoy a smarter experience and higher efficiency.

With multi-screen sync, you can quickly read, edit, and transfer documents, pictures, and texts on your phone and computer without the need for WiFi, data cable, or any third-party software. Besides, when you travel by plane, train or highway, you don’t need to enable the hotspot on your mobile phone for your laptop to work. All you have to do is search what you need using your mobile phone and it will go directly to your computer screen. And then, you can do whatever you like with the search results simply by touching the screen of the laptop. Use your computer just the way you do with your smart phone, and you will get an unprecedented work experience.

Strong performance, magical efficiency for fashion girls

The Huawei MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020 is powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel Core processor (Core i5 or higher Core i7), coupled with dual-channel 16 GB RAM that boosts multi-tasking speed. Plus, the powerful 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD delivers more stable performance, making it faster whether it is to open software or load games.

In addition, this laptop adopts GeForce MX250, the latest powerful 2GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics card, which can ensure smooth run whether the laptop is switching among multi-applications, or processing images and videos.

This device is provided with a portable 65W USB-C charger that weighs only 160 g and can work on various output powers. You can use it to recharge your laptop as well as many Huawei mobile phones. A versatile charging tool for your travel indeed.

From its chic design, brilliant performance to its smart syncing feature, it’s safe to say that Huawei MateBook 13 Cherry Pink 2020 is among the best Huawei can offer.

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