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Huawei is Tapping into Monitor Market

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Last year, huawei’s competitive rival Xiaomientered the PC monitor market and launched multiple monitor products, both flat and curved, which all had strong price advantages. It was reported this year that Xiaomi was about to manage an 80% share of this market. Now, here comes one of the most promising competitors in the monitor battlefield as it’s said that Huawei plans to enter the markets of PCs and PC monitors.


Huawei is no stranger to the PC market. It set foot into this arena for the first time in 2016, with its focus on the Matebook Thin & Light line back then. It is understood that Huawei will launch a full set of new PC products this year, including monitors, which will be introduced as a complete product line rather than accessories to PCs.

Huawei has allegedly built six teams to investigate the monitor market, and already reached out to over 90% of subcontract manufacturers based in China. Besides, it has been revealed that Huawei is planning a full-blown series for its monitor products, including, among others, curved monitors, for commercial, household and gaming application, and it decided internally that Dell would be the targeted competitor for these products.

According to the current status, Huawei monitorsHuawei monitors are expected to be available as soon as in the second half of 2020.


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