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Huawei Officially Announces a Global Launch of MateXs and P40 at MWC 2020

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This year, many manufacturers have announced that they wouldn’t attend MWC 2020 in Barcelona, not including Huawei though, since the host hasn’t said “the party is over” yet anyway.

Today, huawei posted a warm-up for MWC 2020 on its official Weibo account for terminal products, with a catchphrase “Enable Smart Life in All Scenarios with Huawei. It is reported that Huawei will hold a global new product launch at this Barcelona event at 14:00 local time on February 23.huawei mmc2020

huawei’s weibo

What’s interesting is that the warm-up post includes an obscure character string containing key words like 1+8+N, 5G, communication, smart & all, and scenario, which may infer that this launch will dwell on “all-scenario intelligence.

Last March, Huawei fully upgraded its IoT ecological strategy to an all-scenario smart one. In the 1+8 +N as we see, “1” is Huawei mobile phones, meaning that they are at the center of Huawei’s smart strategy;

“8” is Huawei’s eight spinoffs, namely, PCs, tablets, headsets, speakers, glasses, watches, smart screens and in-vehicle devices; and

“N” is a variety of smart products provided by Huawei’s ecosystem partners, while “+” indicates that HiLink technology will be used for connection to help build an all-scenario smart ecosystem that is hierarchical, closely interlinked and interconnected.

There are speculations that Huawei will release the latest 5G terminal products that conform to its 1+8 +N strategy. As this launch will come soon, we may expect to see the newly upgraded Mate Xs and a set of ecological chain products, in addition to an official announcement of the P40 line (to be launched officially in March).

Richard Yu, Huawei CEO of the Consumer Business Group, earlier said that Huawei would unveil Mate Xsthis February, which would boast a better hinge design, a better processor (Kirin 990 5G) and a better flex display.

The GSMA, MWCs organizer, will have a meeting this Friday to determine if this year’s event will continue, so it remains a question whether everything will run smoothly for Huawei at MWC 2020.


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