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Why HUAWEI was certified as the best employer in Europe

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HUAWEI was announced to be the best employer in the United Kingdom、Germany、Spain、Netherlands and Italy as the annual list of Top Employers in 2020 roll out, and got certified as a Top Employer in Europe!huawei

Organizations certified as Leading Employers devote themselves to providing the absolute best working environment for workers through their innovative’people-first’ HR practices.

Moving out of a nation certificate to a regional accreditation provides much further recognition to companies focused on advancing worker conditions in their own organization.

Why HUAWEI was certified as the best employer in Europe:

It mainly benefits from HUAWEI’s long-term commitment to the development of local talents in Europe. For many years, HUAWEI offered various development opportunities for tens of thousands of local talents, which include Seeds for the future, internship programme, and recruitment for the fresh graduates,etc.

What HUAWEI ‘s employee in Western Europe valued is “Passion Unlocks Potential“. As long as you have the passion to achieve your dream, you can release unlimited potential!

Vice President of HR in Huawei West European Region, Wells Li Said:‘We look for the unique value in people, then work with them in diverse ways. We place people in positions that match their skillset and experience to maximize their potential’.

Besides, HUAWEI also has a complete talent training plan and diversified corporate culture atmosphere.

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In a list of the best campus employers released by Universum, a world-renowned research institution, HUAWEI ranks Top 20 in Portugal, Spain and Italy, and it is in the first-tier along with Google, Microsoft and apple.

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As one of the most influential annual selection in the field of human resources in the world, the selection of “Top Employer” is organized by the Top Employer Institute based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which aim at certify the world’s leading employers who provide excellent working conditions for their employees.


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