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Huawei P40 series will adopt self-developed WiFi 6+ technology

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The upcoming new flagship phone P40 series from Huawei will come with its self-developed Wi-Fi 6+ technology. New router products compatible with this technology will be released on February 24.

All of the lastest flagship phones support the WiFi 6 standard. Through MU-MIMO technology, WiFi 6 allows the router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. That is to say, multiple users in the same local area network at the same time do not have to wait in line for access to data, as the router will synchronously process different data needs of multiple devices.

huawei WiFi 6

The bandwidth of WiFi 6 can reach up to 9.6Gbps, which is 2.7 times that of the 802.11ac protocol that is used widely now. Another feature of this technology is the TWT technology. When the mobile phone (or IoT device) does not need to communicate, the WiFi module automatically enters the sleep mode, thereby saving power and improving the battery life.

It is expected that the new flagship phones this year will be the first to adopt the WiFi 6 standard, and coupled with routers that support this standard, they will achieve faster wireless network transmission.

Huawei’s self-made WiFi 6+ seems to be an enhanced version of WiFi 6. There is not much information on the details of this technology.

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