Home Business Huawei announces it will open manufacturing plant for wireless products in France

Huawei announces it will open manufacturing plant for wireless products in France

Huawei Wireless Product Plant in France Targets European Market

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Huawei has  announced that it will open a factory in France dedicated to the production of wireless equipment for 4G and 5G networks. The majority of the products leaving this facility will be destined for European markets.

A planned investment of over 200 million euros was announced for this new plant, which will be used for the land, construction, and equipment. Construction will utilize some of the world’s most advanced production equipment and tools from local leading partners. The plant will also have a demo center, showcasing the wireless base station production, software loading, and testing process. The center will be open to carriers, governments, and related authorities, demonstrating Huawei’s positive stance on Europe’s call for digital sovereignty.

The wireless communications equipment produced by this plant will be mainly used in Europe. With this plant, Huawei states that it will be able to cover every link along its value chain and drive local industries forward, both upstream and downstream. These links include R&D, sales, procurement, production, logistics, service, and talent development. The plant will also be one of Huawei’s first implementations of its advanced manufacturing technologies in Europe. This will drive the technical competitiveness of European industry and boost the resilience of local supply chains and infrastructure.

Huawei estimates that the factory will employ 500 people, and that the direct annual economic activity created will amount to one billion euros.

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