Home Business Huawei prepares to launch search engine:Huawei Search

Huawei prepares to launch search engine:Huawei Search

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Forbes reports,the surprise news leaking out of Huawei this week is huge—Huawei Search is on its way, and will soon launch “as part of the Huawei ecosystem.”

Huawei Search
Huawei Search

The team at XDA-Developers tested Huawei Search, reporting that is is “a basic search app that just lets you input a query to search the Internet for webpages, videos, news articles, or images.” But, by way of example, the weather data “is powered by Huafeng-AccuWeather, a joint venture that apparently sources forecast data from the China Meteorological Administration.”
Huawei Search

There is no data available as to the source of the wider search results, “we couldn’t match search results from Huawei Search with results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Ask, or AOL.” The software is licensed from Huawei’s Irish subsidiary and appears to comply with relevant GDPR regulations around removing search data. XDA-Developers concluded that “it would be premature to say that Huawei Search is an alternative to Google search or Microsoft Bing, but there’s a possibility that this service could evolve into a decent competitor down the line.”

This isn’t a mapping app, it’s not a news front-end for out email or a payment processing engine. This is a potential filter that sits atop the internet, serving up content for hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

As Huawei counts down the days to the launch of its latest smartphone, the P40 Pro, its loss of Google continues to take a huge toll. The Google/Huawei back and forth has dominated the U.S. blacklist headlines, and has resulted in the Chinese giant working up its Huawei Mobile Services replacement for Google, which includes a fully-featured app stores and underlying services such as navigation.

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