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Huawei will release its own wireless and wired charging chip

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Huawei plans to become more independent in the production of its core chips and will release a self-developed wireless and wired charging chip in the second quarter of this year.

Huawei’s P40 series has passed 3C certification


According to industry sources quoted by Chinese media. Combined with the dismantling data of the Mate 30 Pro, this chip may be the charging chip. On the Mate 30 Pro, the wireless charging chip is from stmicroelectronics, and the wired charging IC is from hidiq. It’s not clear whether the second quarter here is hinting at the P40 series.

As a result, the proportion of self-developed chips in huawei’s future mobile phone and other hardware devices will be further increased. Previously, Hess has exported processors, baseband, bluetooth/WiFi, rf, power management IC and many other chip solutions that can replace domestic competitors. If huawei ramps up its reaserch and development capabilities over the next decade or two, it may be able to become more versatile at the chip level.

For now, though, display driver chips, sensors, rf integrated circuits, analog chips and so on are safe.

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