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How to transfer data easily to your new HUAWEI smartphone

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After buying a new smartphone, how can the data of the old smartphone be copied to the new smartphone?
How do you deal with you data on your old smartphone when you get a new smartphone? It is a great choice to import all the data from your old phone to your new phone by following this Phone Clone Guide. No matter if you are an iOS or Android user, HUAWEI Phone Clone is compatible with your phone regardless of the brand. You don’t need Wi-Fi or data stream, just scan the QR code or connect a local hotspot of the new phone. The super-fast transfer can reach the speed of 1GB per minute2. Your beloved photos, videos, contacts and other files will be easily and safely transferred with the secured wireless network encryption. No back up in the cloud. No heavy hard disk.

Step 1. Find Phone Clone in Huawei AppGallery, and open it
Step 1
Step 2. Open Phone Clone on both Old phone and New phone, and choose the old phone/new phone respectively
Step 2
Step 3. Select the “Huawei” on the New phone, and Use the Old phone to scan the QR code on the New Phone
Step 3
Step 4. After the connection between the Old phone and the New phone is successfully established, select the data to be transferred on the Old Phone
Step 4
Step 5. And now, all the selected data from the Old phone had been transferred to the New phone.
Step 5
Step 6. Check all the data on the New phone, e.g. WhatsApp, Contact, Call history, etc.
Step 6
Please check all the apps supported by Phone Clone 

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