Home Business Huawei Holosense officially launched its Chinese brand name Huawei Haowang

Huawei Holosense officially launched its Chinese brand name Huawei Haowang

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According to recent report, the newly introduced intelligent video surveillance platform Huawei Holosense officially launched its Chinese brand name Huawei Haowang, which is mainly targeting the distribution market in public security market. Holosense just revealed its intelligent security product line including series D SDC, back-end camera system NVR800, HoloSens stores and HaoWang Store, which will be focusing on security needs in 10 scenarios like retailing stores and supermarkets, office buildings and industrial parks, etc.

Huawei Haowang

According to the Chinese tech giant, Huawei will be aiming at ten usage scenarios in its first distributing strategy for Holosense. Take smart-retailing supermarket kit for example, Huawei is offering intelligent security solutions for stocking, goods shelf, cashier, promotion system both at entrances and exits ,staffs and users management, remote management.

Looking for a growth in distribution market, Huawei unveiled its new kit with four cutting-edge products. The new SDC of D series and cameras of the Haowang D10 series both benefit from inclusive AI and 1T multi-algorithm computing power. Featuring powerful AI system, cameras of Haowang D10 series comes with 97% accuracy with NPU machine deep learning instead of CPU software recognition. As to usage scenario, the D 10 camera system can reach an accuracy rate of 95% both in crowd recognition and customer counting system for stores and supermarket customer management , and it also comes with a flexible installation solution. Beside, Holosense is launching a 4K camera that can take full color photos in the dark. All up-coming products are taking offline orders on 31st March. And the price for its 1T 2MP Super Sensing IR AI camera is only RMB439.

Speaking of the back-end supporting intelligent system NVR800, which is featuring 4K input and output, is more and more adapting to regular 4K lens. Coming with AI face recognition, one single NVR800 can hold 10,000 face ID and up to 16 face ID galleries with matching speed of 100k ID per second. Last but not the least, NVR800 can be connected to the access control equipments or contactless attendance management devices. And it is also supporting smart- classified playback. Coming with a self-developed GUI engine, its response speed can be reduced to within millisecond.

For the Holosens App store, its upcoming products includes Intelligent HaoYong(智能好用) and Intellgence Yiyong(智能易用). With scanning QR code, users can easily find nearby cameras and by clicking a link you can add the camera to your smartphone and put its data onto the cloud. Featuring with 100% inspected wafer sensor, components of industrial grade, 24h anti-corrosion testing and traceable parts, it has 108 security red lines which protects the premise from virus implantation.

Last but not the least, it was reported that the algorithm product market Haowang store has launched 100+ algorithms and users can purchase algorithm in a way of online shopping. Isnt it enough to pre-install dozens of algorithms in a camera? According to Duan Aiguo, the president of Huawei Holosens, that pre-installation requires demanding computing power and algorithm for a single camera, while in retailing scenario, different cameras at cashier or shelves require different function, for example, a shelf camera can use a thermodynamic chart analyzing algorithm and the cashier camera can use a VIP identification diagram. With different algorithm, a same camera can carry out different functions.


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