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Huawei announced the update list of EMUI10.1

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In March 26, Huawei not only released a new P40 series of mobile phones, but also launched EMUI10.1. On March 31, @ HUAWEIEMUI released the list of EMUI10.1 upgrades. Currently, 36 models have participated in the upgrade plan.

update list of EMUI10.1

The upgrade list includes Huawei mobile, Honor mobile and tablet computers. Huawei mobile phones include P30 series, Matev30 series, Mate 20 series, Matex and other models, including the recently released Huawei Matex; Honor mobile phones include Honor V30 series, Honor 20 series, Honor 9x series, etc.

In addition, the update also includes four tablet products, namely Huawei matepad pro, Huawei MatePad M6 10.8 inch, Huawei MatePad M6 8.4 inch and Huawei MatePad M6 high-energy version. It is worth noting that no matter for mobile phone or tablet, each product has corresponding recruitment time for public test and internal test. Please apply for internal test and update public test according to the time.

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