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Honor Will Soon Launch Play 4T Series

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After the release of Honor 30S, Huawei / Honor seems to open the valve of releasing new phones. And the new products come out one by one. It is known that the conference of licensed Huawei P40 series will be held on April 8th and the Honor Digital Flagship 30 series’ will be held on April 15th. On April 2nd, Honor officially announced a new product again : the Honor Play 4T series will be launched on April 9th by an online conference!
Honor Play 4T
According to the official poster, we can see that the slogan of the Honor Play 4T series is “Super players are born to dare to make it”. The official micro blog of @ HONOR Phone announced that , “Welcome all super-born players who are born to dare to play tricks with us.” It can be seen that the series of mobile phones targets at young users.

Honor Mobile Phone Product Line
In fact, at the conference of Honor 30S a few days ago, Honor has introduced its Honor mobile phone product line, including four series of V, N, X and Play. Among them, the V series adheres to the route of “technology”. The X series is a symbol of “quality”, while the Play series is dedicated to young users. Now the latest Honor Play 3 of Honor Play series starts at 899 yuan on the official website. It is believed that the upcoming Honor Play 4T series would also be competitive in price.

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