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Huawei And China To Be Cut Off From Google’s Coronavirus Contact-tracing system

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Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, tech giants like Google have started coming with smart ideas that aim in controlling/preventing the further spread of the virus.The company has built a new system: install contact-tracing apps on your smartphones. The systems use Bluetooth to identify and list the other phones you get close to throughout your day. If the owner of one of those phones becomes infected with COVID-19, you will receive an alert. The plan is that you then isolate, preventing yourself from infecting others.


The concept behind it is that Apple and Google will both drop core updates in upcoming software patches to bring this feature. Through this, one apart from being notified can exercise a reasonable amount of caution and isolate themselves. However, the only issue with this kind of system is that it would need a wide scale adoption. For example, 60 percent of people would need to have this system installed for it to work as efficiently as desired.
Apple and Google sold their involvement as a privacy control measure, a means to prevent governments around the world cottoning onto contract-tracing as a neat data collection tool to track millions of phones around their countries. What’s more, the two U.S. tech giants can stitch the underlying Bluetooth framework into their operating systems, making it secure, low-power and easy to run. The apps using this framework will be developed and operated by national health agencies, adhering to rules set out by Apple and Google, with data protection built in.

To make this system work, it’s widely thought that somewhere around 60% of a nation’s smartphone users will need to install and run the app. That is the greatest single impediment to such programs being successful. With that in mind, Google and Apple will update iOS and Android smartphones through core OS updates, rather than relying on any user action. In the case of Google, that will be done through an update to its Google Play Services, built into Android.

Huawei has about 600 million Android users in China alone and is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. However, the trade ban back in 2019 led the company to lose official Google mobile services support for its smartphones. Thus, as of right now, there is no sure way to fix or bring a solution to the problem and Android phones in China may have to wait get this technology.


Surge is the Founder of Hms Arena.he lives in China and knows about China's mobile phone market.
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