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Huawei Mate 10 Updates with Multi-Screen Collaboration, Screen Sharing and Intelligent Charging

The Mate10 series and Mate RS Porsche series have started to push the latest EMUI10.0.0.170 system, which has been updated with functions, such as multi-screen collaboration, screen sharing, and intelligent charging.

Mate 10
Mate 10

The new system upgrade log is as follows:

Added screen collaboration

After establishing a connection with a Huawei PC, you can transfer files back and forth by dragging and dropping. In this way, the keyboard becomes a mobile assistant, what makes you edit more efficiently (device support required).

Added easily screen sharing

Sharing screen is supported easily in video calls. Not only can you share screen information, but you can also freely graffiti on the screen. It will make you feel like face-to-face communication and interaction while chatting and sharing information.

Added intelligent charging

To prevent the mobile phone from being fully charged for a long time, effectively slow down the battery of aging, the AI intelligent learning charging habit has been built-in. Moreover, the function is on by default.


Merging security patches of Android April, 2020 to enhance system security.

It should be noted that if you want to update version 170, you must ensure that it should be firstly upgraded to version 162 and the new version is being pushed in batches. If you don’t get the update reminder, you can apply for upgrade through the built-in APP service.

Overall, the updated system can provide more new features for the old flagship. 

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