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Huawei Share Transmits 1GB + HD Photos in 10 Seconds

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Have you ever thought that you can transfer more than 1GB of high-definition photos in 10 seconds without consuming traffic or using Wi-Fi? Recently, @ Huawei EMUI shared the unique function of Huawei mobile phones on Weibo – Huawei Share. This feature allows huawei phones to quickly share photos with each other.


According to the introduction, this function can be used to share photos without using traffic or Wi-Fi. As long as Huawei share switch on two devices is turned on, fast transmission between mobile phones, tablets and other devices can be achieved. When transmitting, not only the number of transmissions is not limited, but also the album catalog can be shared directly. It is convenient for users to quickly share photos and share their life.


The reason why HuaweiShare can achieve such a fast transmission speed is that it has realized reconstruction of the three steps of “discovery”, “connection” and “transmission”, and it has realized rapid identification, fast connection and final speed transmission. All these finally constitute the fast and convenient transmission experience of Huawei Share.

Based on this function principle, Huawei mobile phones have also achieved linkage with computers, tablets, speakers, routers and other devices.

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