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Honor V30 Pro is a good phone for recording but an average handset for playback

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DxOMARK announced the audio score of Honor V30 Pro phone.the score of V30 Pro is 54 points for playback, 74 points for recording, and 59 points for the overall score.which is just a single point more than the Realme X2 Pro. As a result, the handset ranks 15th, which is a far cry from the top 10.
honor v30

Being a phone with a single speaker system, Honor V30 Pro performs terribly in spatial. The wideness in playback is non-existent as well as balance and localizability are impaired since the sound comes from a single side.

honor v30 Pro
The timbre performance is decent but the lack of bass is clearly felt, which in turn affects the overall timbre and dynamics of the playback audio. But clear and precise high-ends result in good attack.

Once again, volume performance is decent with good consistency and natural volume steps. However, excessive compression affects audio content at maximum volume levels as well as leads to distortion by producing hissing noises.

As for recording, the phone performs much better than its playback. The recording frequency is very good and consistent with exceptional bass extension. The dynamics are well-preserved due to great SNR (signal-to-noise ratio).

The spatial performance is remarkable with excellent localizability and wideness. Recorded loudness is also superb with very few artifacts, even in loud environments. Background rendering is great as well, thanks to a natural tonal balance and all the above-mentioned recording qualities.

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