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HUAWEI’S Patented Mate 40 In-screen Camera

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According to an announcement issued by State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic of China, HUAWEI applied for a patent called “the Structure, Camera Module and Terminal Device for In-screen Camera” on March 18, 2019.

Huawei mate 40

From the utility model patent issued, Mate 40 relates to a kind of structure, camera module and terminal device. The structure the patent adopts is characterized in a LGP(light guide plate), which works simply to hide front-facing camera through light reflection. Actually, this is a technical scheme for in-screen camera.

The move comes after HUAWEI applied to WIPO for a patent of a smart phone with in-screen camera called “Mobile Terminal and Display Method”. The patent features a partially transparent screen of a phone’s status bar, with a front-facing camera, LED indicator and sensor hidden beneath the transparent screen.

The transparent screen, used for displaying the information of network connection, battery level, time and more, will become translucent(50-99%) when the front-facing camera is not working. Users can adjust the transparency by operating on the home screen.

The smartphone’s screen will become fully transparent when the front-facing camera is working, which enables the light accessible to the screen so as to ensure image quality. The similar patent may will be utilized for Huawei Mate 40  this year.

Patented show huawei Mate 40 camera: multifunctional touch display ring on the back


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