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Honor X10 has RYYB high sensitivity photography

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Honor X10 has RYYB high sensitivity photography. This mobile phone equipped with 40 million pixels IMX600 RYYB CMOS has stronger photosensitivity and will make the night view more brilliant.

honor X10

The RYYB sensor exclusively developed by Huawei Honor has been applied to Huawei P, Mate, as well as Honor V series flagship models.


Different from the RGGB array adopted by ordinary sensor optical filter, it replaces the original green optical filter with a yellow one, which means that both red and green light sources can go through it. With the additional red light source entering, the light transmissivity is improved almost to 40%, making it more convenient to take photos under extremely dark light. It is because of the RYYB sensor as well as the ISP and algorithm that Huawei Honor mobile directly excels its competitive products in the performance under dark light.  

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