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Huawei looking into alternatives from South Korea

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Sources close to the matter revealed that Huawei is investigating whether or not to use US technologies against partners in its supply chain. For those unaware, the US had enforced sanctions which targetted US based technology that was being used by foreign companies like TSMC, this essentially had Huawei’s supply cut off. So in simpler terms, the smartphone vendor is checking to confirm whether US technology was actually used in their semiconductor equipment.the Chinese tech giant recently lost its chip supply from TSMC due to US sanctions and is now, reportedly, looking into alternatives from South Korea.

At the moment, Huawei already has a massive inventory of chips that will last for up to 2 years. But the company is also heavily investing in the semiconductor industry, even encouraging Chinese companies to step up and rival the US. The semiconductor field is integral to Huawei’s product and service offerings, so while the US sanctions do hamper its operations, the company is actively working on working through the issue.

Surge is the Founder of Hms Arena.he lives in China and knows about China's mobile phone market.
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