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Huawei P50 R&D progress leaked

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Although the upgrade of US ban put Huawei under unprecedented pressure, the latest news shows that both Mate 40 and P50 series are steadily advancing, and the new generation of 5 nm Kirin processor will be released as scheduled. 


Recently, Wang Yonggang, general manager of Huawei’s P-Series products, disclosed the R&D progress of P50 series. He said that P-Series products need to go through at least 18 months from conceptual design to product launch. He will determine innovative technologies and solutions with R&D centers around the world one year ahead, and enter the detailed stage of development.

He said that each generation of P-Series products is based on the cutting-edge capabilities of Huawei’s R&D and industry partners to achieve a new breakthrough, and there will be more surprises in the P50 next year.

Huawei’s P50 series will be launched globally in March next year. According the launch schedule, it can be concluded that the technical scheme of P50 series has been determined and entered the development stage. The P50 will also be equipped with a 5nm Kirlin processor as the Mate 40 series do.


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