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HUAWEI 12000 66W SuperCharge Power Bank Specifications & Features

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As the name suggests, the new Huawei power bank has a capacity of 12,000mAh and supports up to 66W power output. The design of this product is simple with a resemblance to bricks and it comes in two colors – White & Blue.

Unlike most Xiaomi Mi Power Banks, the Huawei model only features a single USB Type-C port along with a sole USB Type-A interface. The former can support both input and output. And hence, users can charge two devices at a time.
That said, here are the current output rates supported by these two ports.

USB Type-A
5V/2A – 10W
9V/2A – 18W
12V/2A – 24W
4.5V/5A – 22.5W
5V/4.5A – 22.5W
10V/4A – 40W
11V/6A – 66W
USB Type-C
5V/3A – 15W
9V/3A – 27W
12V/3A – 36W
15V/3A – 45W
20V/3.25A – 65W
5V/4.5A – 22.5W
10V/4A – 40W
11V/6A – 66W
As for input rates, they are identical to the output rates supported by USB Type-C. Further, when both the ports are used for charging, the USB Type-A will be limited to 5V/2A – 10W, whereas the USB Type-C will output current at a maximum rate of 5V/3A – 15W.

For those wondering about standards, the power bank supports both USB Power Delivery (PD) and HUAWEI SuperCharge.
HUAWEI 12000 66W SuperCharge Power Bank
Other features of this product include support for pass-through charging, trickle charging mode for accessories, a physical button to switch between charging modes and to check the remaining battery, and LED indicators.

Talking about build, the body of the power bank is made of polycarbonate. The whole product measures and weighs 135 x 69.3 x 15.6mm and 235g respectively. Last but not least, it ships with a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable.

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