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Huawei community announces EMUI 11 update plan

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Huawei P40 series and Huawei MATE 30 Pro will be update with EMUI 11 in 2020,and other Device will be update in 2021.

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India EMUI 11 update plan:emui-11 Huawei EMUI 11, Magic UI 4.0 system 37 product upgrade plan

Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G getting the latest EMUI 11.0.145 update

EMUI 11 offers users not only a personal and artistic visual interaction experience but also smarter and easy-to-use features.

The new-generation Always-On Display (AOD) on EMUI 11 integrates three elements of art – shape, colour, and space – into the design. Beyond adding artistic flair to the experience, the new AOD allows users to personalise the shapes to their tastes, and even go beyond the default colour palette and use colours from photos of their choice for their own custom design.

On top of this, EMUI 11 allows users to add a personal twist to the AOD by setting an animated GIF image as a lock screen background. The words from a favourite poem or song can also be added to the lock screen, with the option to choose between different fonts and colours, allowing the user to showcase their personality every time the screen is locked.

First introduced on EMUI 10, Smart Gesture Control now supports more gestures on EMUI 11. The new additions are more versatile and are applicable in even more scenarios. Holding a palm over the screen prompts it to display the time, even when the screen is locked. Air swipes can now be used for scrolling and page-turning in e-books, news, music, image gallery, and video apps.

A pressing motion lets users pick up incoming calls and control media playback, and vertical swipes can be used to adjust the volume when listening to music. Furthermore, the ringtone volume of an incoming call is automatically lowered when the user is looking at the screen. These capabilities offer users more options to interact with the device than physical control alone.

Multi-screen Collaboration now supports multiple floating windows

Everyday productivity is enhanced by Multi-screen Collaboration, which enables seamless cross-device operation between a smartphone and a PC.

With EMUI 11, the HUAWEI Mate 40 Series applies the convenience of the smartphone’s multi-window interaction onto Multi-screen Collaboration, making it possible to open three different smartphone apps on a connected PC. With this improved multitasking support, users are free to jot down reminders on HUAWEI Notepad while watching an online course and texting at the same time.

Improvements made to Smart Multi-Window enable EMUI 11 to support multiple windows simultaneously on your smartphone, offering an option for users to tailor their experience to their preferences and maximise productivity. Users can watch a video, while browsing webpages on floating windows, with no need to exit the video or leave the current interface. Floating window size is adjustable and can be moved around on the screen, offering users a greater level of convenience.

EMUI 11 also introduces the all-new Email Conversation Mode, which converts traditional email threads into conversations. This feature hides redundant parts of conventional emails – such as lengthy sign-offs – from sight and puts the focus on the conversation, allowing users to quickly read emails as they would with messages, or just as easily reply with text and files.

MeeTime is now available in 12 countries outside mainland China, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Poland.

Furthermore, the voice assistant Celia now supports English, French, Spanish, Italian and German across 15 countries, including the UK, France, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, Poland, Italy, Germany and Singapore.

Comprehensive security and privacy protection features

Privacy and security have always been a key focus of EMUI. When developing the EMUI security system, Huawei adheres to its privacy protection principles of no disturbing, no tracking, and no exposure, giving users full awareness and control over their personal data. On the HUAWEI Mate 40 Series, EMUI 11 provides users with further improvements to security and privacy protection.

Photos taken on smartphones contain private information such as the location and time at which the photo was taken, the device it was taken on, and more. When sharing photos, this sensitive information could also be shared alongside the original image. With EMUI 11, HUAWEI Mate 40 Series users can ensure that their private information is removed before the images are sent to others via HUAWEI Share.

AI Private View helps keep conversations and correspondence private even when users are in crowded spaces such as on a train or in a lift. When enabled, this feature uses face recognition to identify whether the user is the device owner. Notification content is automatically hidden if it detects someone who is not the device owner or multiple persons looking at the screen.

Smartphones will sometimes receive messages while being projected to a larger screen for viewing presentations or videos. EMUI 11 fully appreciates the need for privacy in these scenarios and ensures that incoming calls and messages notifications will not appear on the casted display, both for an uninterrupted presentation and to protect users’ privac.


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