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Huawei Applied for “HiCar Emotional Robot” Trademark

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The “HiCar Emotional Robot” trademark, internationally classified as scientific instrument, was applied by Huawei on November 19, 2020, and the trademark status was in the context of “registering and applying”. In addition, Huawei also applied for “HiCar SMART COCKPIT” and “HiCar HALO” trademarks on the same day.

HUAWEI  HiCar, Huawei’s smart automobile solution, was officially released on Huawei Mate40 release conference. Huawei HiCar, an all-round people-automobile-home smart interconnection solution supplied by Huawei, linked mobile devices and automobiles together and made use of the powerful characteristics of automobiles and mobile devices as well as multi-device interconnection capacity to link phone and automobile and extend phone applications and services to automobile, in order to realize a phone-oriented experience for various scenarios and create the smart go-out experience for consumers.

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