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Huawei announcing new plans for reviving itself

New Credit Support For Indie Game Developers in its AppGallery

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Although Huawei’s smartphone business has suffered a big setback,It’s aggressively developing apps in its AppGallery to gives users a lot of alternatives,it is announcing new plans for reviving itself. The Chinese company has announced a €30,000 credit pool for aiding top 30 indie game developers on its AppGallery.

Huawei’s New Support For Indie Developers
All the AppGallery developers submitting their games apps through the Unity Distribution Portal will get special incentives between November 19 and December 14, 2020.

Additionally, they can develop popular game apps for the AppGallery contest to achieve the top 30 apps spot. Indie developers whose apps are placed in the top 30 ranks will be rewarded from a pool of €30,000, which Huawei has created to encourage them all.Huawei said that all the top 30 indie game developers would be given VIP technical support when required. All the game app developers will be given 85% of in-app revenues they have generated for the first two years.

If you’re a developer interested in Huawei’s AppGallery, you can submit your game apps here – Unity Distribution Portal for AppGallery.

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