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Huawei will hold a new notebook product launch

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While Huawei’s smartphone market is suffering as a result of the U.S. ban, it has no effect on its PC market. In the past few months, Huawei has been putting a lot of effort into its PC market.Huawei will hold a new notebook product launch. There are speculations that it will launch two mainstream high-end models in the MateBook 13/14 series.

As of now, there is not much information regarding the upcoming MateBook.

The company is also developing its App Store for desktop. Towards the end of last month, Huawei launched the Huawei App Store for PC. This store has five major sections including “Explore”, “Office”, “Classification”, “Management” and “Settings”. Furthermore, there are sub-sections like “Necessary for Installation”, “New Products of the Week” “Monthly Selection”, “Efficient Work”, “Video Entertainment”, “Design Zone”, etc.

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