Huawei shipped telecom equipment worth $15 million to Russia

According to Chinese media IThome,Huawei has just delivered a batch of telecommunications based equipment to Russia. The company had shipped these equipments to a Russian telecom operator (VimpelCom). the sources said that the deliveries were made under a previously signed contract, although, a new contract has yet to be approved. A couple of days ago, VimpelCom received a large batch of telecom equipment made by Huawei.

These are apparently worth around 15 million US Dollars, as per people close to the terms of the contract. As per the two sources, the supply contract was lengthy and was initially signed back on February 24. However, sanctions that were imposed caused issues in deliveries. As of right now, various governments across the globe has been against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. The US has banned exports of high tech products in the region, especially technology related to defense, aerospace, and shipbuilding.


Back in February 2022, the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security had also issued a clarification that the export or transfer of goods to maintain civilian telecommunications infrastructure will be excluded from this rule.



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