Huawei will solve the problem of mobile phone chips within 2 years

Wang Jun, assistant of Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong, revealed in an interview with domestic self-media recently that 2023-2024 will be the process of Huawei’s chips changing from quantitative to qualitative, and Huawei’s mobile phones will also return to the market.


Wang Jun is the president of Huawei’s intelligent driving solution BU, and Yu Chengdong icon is the head of the department. Huawei’s internal structure is divided into 2B and 2C. 2C is responsible for consumers by Yu Chengdong, namely smartphones and smart driving. As Yu Chengdong’s deputy, Wang Jun has a deep understanding of mobile phones and chips, and is especially valuable.

Huawei’s inventory of chips is gradually running out and may be interrupted at any time. At present, 28nm chips will be mass-produced this year, while 14nm chips will be mass-produced in 2023. As long as we stick to the trough of these two years, Huawei will be able to jump up and realize the change from quantitative to qualitative.

Recently, the news that Huawei’s Hubble Investment has officially entered into private equity has shocked overseas media even more. Since its establishment in 2019, Hubble Investments has invested in dozens of domestic science and technology companies, covering sub-fields including EDA software, lithography machines, photoresist, etc., until various problems of stuck necks.

Now that it has entered private equity, it means that Huawei will no longer be limited to its own strength, but will join hands with external institutions, investors and other forces to work together to develop the domestic semiconductor chip industry. This will not only accelerate the improvement of the domestic chip industry system, but also It can speed up the breakthrough of the core technology of the chip.

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