OPPO (OnePlus) ranks second in the Chinese market with 18% market share in Q4 2021

The latest research from Strategy Analytics, an authoritative market research agency, shows that China’s smartphone shipments in 2021 will be 329.3 million units, down 2% year-on-year.

Among them, vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi are in the top three, Apple is fourth, and Honor is in the top five.

Sui Qian, Senior Director at Strategy Analytics, pointed out: “Apple performed well in Q4 2021. Due to Huawei’s strategic exit in the high-end market, Apple’s iPhone shipments in China reached 18.5 million units and recorded a record 22% of the market for the first time. The share topped the Chinese market.
Shipments of the iPhone 13 series increased by 9% year-on-year due to the competitive pricing and reliable channel promotion of the iPhone 13 series. For all of 2021, Apple will be fourth with a 15% market share, behind vivo, OPPO (OnePlus) and Xiaomi. ”

OPPO (OnePlus) ranks second in the Chinese market with an 18% market share in Q4 2021. Its sister brand vivo fell to fourth place with a 16% market share.

OnePlus grows an astonishing 524% in the US, beating Google on its own turf

OnePlus has been getting a lot of backlash for its recent ‘anti-enthusiast’ moves like firstly steadily increasing its prices, then announcing its OPPO fellowship, and putting the final nail in the coffin by ditching OxygenOS for ColorOS. While many have begun to think that the company has finally ‘settled’ and is done for, Counterpoint‘s latest US smartphone market sales figures beg to differ.
The Chinese phone company led by Pete Lau has reportedly managed to record an astonishing 524% of growth in the US, beating the likes of Google whose Pixel series doesn’t seem to have made quite the expected impact. Still, Google did see a spike of 56% YoY in sales, which isn’t all that bad.

OnePlus’s achievement can be owed mostly to its Nord series devices, which continued to see success at T-Mobile and the carrier’s entry into over 2,000 Walmart locations. Do keep in mind though that the company has started from an extremely small base (its US market share in Q4 2021 stood at 2%) and exponential growth isn’t too uncommon at this point.


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