Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming Edition teaser talks about its frontal design

Redmi has continued teasing the gaming phone through a series of posts. The latest teaser talks about its frontal design.

Redmi k50

According to the picture, the overall design of the K50 Gaming Edition version basically inherits the scheme of the previous generation K40 game enhanced version, and the front continues to use a centered punch screen. Combining the previous generation and game positioning, the front camera opening should have a very small Aperture to avoid impact while gaming.

In addition, there is a looming MIC opening under the volume button, which should be optimized for the game voice. This position is just below the horizontal screen game, and it will not be blocked by both hands, which can ensure the communication with teammates. communicate.

Redmi also teaser talks about its new body color,the new color matching of the device is named “Ice Slash”, which is a color matching that has never appeared in the industry before and is very eye-catching.

Redmi k50

The official said that the blue in the “Ice Slash” color scheme represents the color of dreams and is the real “Dream Color”; while “Ice” means tribute to passion and love, the firm determination behind it; “Chop” represents Overcome thorns, break through the self to defeat the opponent, and win the victory.


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